It is the policy of Heritage-Plus to establish, organize and maintain effective award programs and to encourage individuals and corporate organizations to be goal oriented. It is a form of external motivation from the society to these distinguished individuals/corporate organizations for their corporate social responsibility to the society.
All awards shall be justified in writing. The justification shall include qualitative or quantitative measures to demonstrative the BASIS for which the award is being given.
Employees of Heritage-Plus and its partners are not eligible for the award. All awards shall not exceed 50 recipients annually.
As part of Heritage-Plus contribution to the society, she embarks on educational empowerment projects for youths, women and children during and after the event, recipients are strongly encouraged to support in her project before, during and after the event.
Heritage-Plus have the exclusive right to nominate and confer award on distinguished individuals in the lifetime and honorary achievement category
Persons or organizations having profit making or commercial relationship with Heritage-Plus shall not be granted recognition, unless the contribution is substantially beyond that specified or implied within the terms of the contract establishing the relationship, or the recognition is clearly in public interest, in which case the recognition shall be honorary only.
The award is a reflection of votes of public opinion, HERITAGE-PLUS reserves the right to confer and withdraw any award given if the character falls short of honesty, integrity and sense of responsibility